Digi IP Chap 6

Digi IP Section 6

1. What is the maximum Category cabling distance from a DigitalinxIP device and a network switch when connecting the DigitalinxIP directly to the network switch (no patching)?
2. Shielded category cable is required for all DigitalinxIP devices connected to a network switch
3. LAN1 interface port on the IPEXCB must be connected to the A/V network switch
4. When using iPad or Windows control, the iPad or PC computer must be connected to LAN2 of the IPEXCB
5. When connecting 3rd party control to the DigitalinxIP A/V network how can this be interfaced?
6. IR and USB follows the A/V route from an encoder to an decoder when a route is made unless you free route the signals using the API

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